Rules And Procedures

Show Truck Event Rules – Read carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of Show Management at 888.349.4287.  These rules are intended to ensure a safe, fair and fun-filled show and must be adhered to by all entrants and friends.

General Show Rules

1.  Show Management is the final authority.

2.  Entry fees are non-refundable, unless sufficient notice is given and the space can be filled.

3.  Check-in is no later than 10:00 am on the day of parking. If you are unable to arrive by this time, you must make arrangements ahead of time by contacting Show Management. Failure to meet the arrival check-in time or make alternative arrangements may result in not being able to compete. This policy will be strictly enforced.

4.  All trucks must stay on the show lot until released by Show Management at the end of the event. These times will vary by show.  Show Management will make every effort to post schedules prior to each event. If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire prior to registering. There will be NO exceptions. This is for the safety of all.

5.  Support vehicles will not be allowed on the show lot. There are no exceptions.

6.  Pride & Polish is a family event and depicts our industry to the public. The use of profanity or the display of sexually explicit or blatantly offensive graphics in the show area will not be tolerated.

7.  Music from portable devices will be permitted as long as the volume does not interfere with other entrants and exhibitors.

8.  Distribution of literature and the selling of any products on the show lot will be regarded as a commercial exhibit and is strictly prohibited.  Only paid sponsors may distribute literature and/or sell products.  Signs advertising products and/or services for any company are also prohibited. However, it is permissible to have one “Thank You” sign of modest size to mention the truck names, specs and suppliers of the truck by name (no soliciting permitted) and placed within two feet of the truck.  Anyone violating this policy will be disqualified and removed from the show.  Show Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any party whose primary interest is for promoting their own private or commercial interests rather than the sole purpose of competing in Pride & Polish.


1.  Pre-registering is the only way to guarantee a space in any Pride & Polish event. A competitor will be considered pre-registered once a completed application and paid registration fee have been submitted.

2.  All entries must be verifiable, legal working trucks, licensed with a current safety inspection and registered to haul freight, unless entered into a non-working class.

3.  Proof of mileage, such as quarterly fuel tax reporting forms, fuel tax receipts, 2290 Road Tax or 1099’s for drivers may be required.

4.  Odometers must be in good working order.  All entrants must be able to prove their mileage with odometer reading or supporting documents.  Verbal explanations will not be acceptable.

5.  When competing in a Working Class, the truck must be ready to turn the key and drive-away.  No jack stands and/or loose pieces of stainless are allowed.  Bumpers, spring covers and other “drop-on” pieces must be attached prior to your arrival on the show lot and your truck must leave with the same equipment.

6.  If you compete as a Combination in a Working Class, the trailer must also work year-round.  There will be an automatic 3 point deduction taken from the trailers that have not operated enough miles to meet the working status.  (See rule #1 under classifications.)


Show Management reserves the right to adjust classes.  Generally, there must be at least three entries to make a class.

1.  Working TruckMain Classes: Trucks must operate a minimum average of 6,250 miles per month (75,000 miles per year), or 3,333 miles per month (40,000 miles per year) if used strictly for local application, since being acquired by the current owner. In order to compete as a Working Truck, your tractor must travel under its own power from its point of origination (home or shop) to the Show. Trucks that are hauled or trailered will be welcome to compete in either the Non-working Antique or Builder’s Class. Working Trucks are divided into the following classes:

To compete for Working Truck Best of Show, the truck must be entered in one main class (model year, company owned, or specialized), one interior class and the engine class. The entire truck is judged, including interior, engine and undercarriage. Working Truck Best of Show winners qualify to compete in the National Championship Series.

a. Model Year Class – Classes are determined after registration

b. New Truck Class – Less than 50,000 miles on the truck

c. Company Owned Truck Class – 25 or more trucks in its fleet

d. Specialized Class – Includes dump trucks, wreckers, expedited, refuse, salt and other specialized trucks

The following Main Classes may compete, however, they will not qualify for Best of Show or the National Championship Series.

d. First Time Show – Any model year, neither the competitor nor the truck can have competed before. If entering a First Show Class, the only Special Feature class that can be entered will be the Light Class (applicable at outdoor shows only).

e. Non-Working Antiques – Models that are 25 years or older.  Non-Working Antique Class trucks may enter special feature classes for an additional entry fee; however, this class does not qualify for the National Championship Series.

2.  Limited Mileage Class: Trucks are defined as a Class 8 truck of any type and age that is able to meet the minimum DOT requirements for commercial trucks, but does not have enough working miles to be defined as a “working” truck under the mileage requirements. The entire truck is judged, including interior, engine, paint and undercarriage. High point trucks win Limited Mileage Best of Show and qualify to compete in the National Championship Series.  Competitors in this class must present their 2290 Road Tax form. If this form is not provided, trucks will be placed in a Builder’s Class. In order to compete as a Limited Mileage Truck, your tractor must travel under its own power from its point of origination (home or shop) to the Show. Trucks that are hauled or trailered will be welcome to compete in either the Non-working Antique or Builder’s Class.

a. Limited Mileage Combo
b. Limited Mileage Bobtail

3.  Builder’s Class: Trucks are defined as those trucks of any model year that do not work the required number of miles to compete as a Working Truck and who do not have a 2290 Road Tax Form.  The entire truck is judged including interior, engine, paint and undercarriage. High point trucks win Builder’s Class Best of Show and qualify to compete in the National Championship Series.

4.  Wash & Show: Trucks are judged on exterior only. The undercarriage, engine, and interior will not be considered. This class will not qualify for the National Championship Series. (See preparations rule #4.) (Wash & Show is only available at outdoor shows).

National Championship – Best of Show Winners from Working Class Combo, Working Class Bobtail, Limited Mileage ComboLimited Mileage Bobtail, Builder’s Combo, and Builder’s Bobtail for each Pride & Polish event leading up to the National Championship will qualify to compete. A letter of invitation will be mailed prior to the Championship event.



1.  Once trucks are parked in the show lot, no electric buffers may be used – Only hand polishing is allowed.

2. No running water hoses are allowed in the show lot.

3.  Any display around your truck should not extend out more than two feet on all sides. (See General Rule #8)

4.  In Wash & Show events only hand polishing is allowed on the show grounds.

Indoor Shows

1.  Battery cables must be disconnected and fuel caps taped shut by order of the Fire Marshal.

2.  Only ¼ tank of gas will be allowed to remain in the tanks by order of the Fire Marshal.

3.  Generators may not be used or operated.

4.  Competitors are not allowed to sleep in their trucks while on the show floor.

Outdoor Shows

1.  Tents and umbrellas are authorized as long as they do not block, hinder or infringe on your neighbors.

2.  If entered in the Lights Class, all lights must be in working order and run off the truck’s power supply.  No outside power sources may be used.

3.  At outdoor shows where competitors are allowed to sleep in their trucks, on-board auxiliary generators may be used outside of show hours and only if they do not infringe on others with fumes or noise.


1.  All areas of the truck must be accessible to the judges.

2.  Each truck must have a different competitor.

3.  The competitor must be present during judging and must be accessible during show hours.

4.  “Rags Down” takes place just before judging begins.  Anyone working or polishing on any truck after “Rags Down” will be disqualified.

5.  All trash and equipment must be off the show lot when judging begins.

6.  After class judging is complete, repairs to existing lights are allowed prior to the Lights Class judging; however, no new lights can be added.

7.  Points earned in the paint & graphics special feature class and lights class will not be included in the overall point total for Best of Show.

8.  Alcohol Policy:  Everyone is expected to be completely sober during judging.  Should a competitor be deemed intoxicated, he will be automatically disqualified by the judges.  Under no circumstances can alcohol be consumed and/or visible during judging.   If visible, there will be a 25-point penalty per judge deducted from the truck’s overall score.

9.  Bring questions concerning your display to Show Management and we will decide if it should be removed or covered.  You will not have points deducted for covering it up.  If you fail to bring it to our attention and the judges consider it offensive, you risk losing points.

Trophies & Awards

1.  Trophies and awards will be given to winners in each class.

2.  Best of Show winners will qualify to compete for the National Championship.

Liability Release

A signed liability release will be required for your participation in any Pride & Polish or Wash & Show event.